How It Works

Conversation Starter is a web application for hosting online networking events.
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Participants share ice breakers to spark conversations

Conversation Starter's carefully crafted user profiles are designed for optimal networking.

No awkward "what do you do?" conversations: short requests and offers are perfect icebreakers.

💭90.000+ requests & offers shared

Conversation Starter finds relevant meeting partners

The cutting-edge recommendation engine screens all participant profiles to find the most relevant ones. It works like magic!

🕵️‍♀️60.000.000+ relevancies calculated

Participants invite each other and plan meetings

Conversation Starter's smart meeting planner finds the ideal time for both participants to meet.

📅85.000+ meetings planned

Conversation Starter provides built-in video calls

Participants don't have to download or install anything: they meet by video call, right inside Conversation Starter.

🚀91% of users follow-up

🎬Video content

Add live or pre-recorded video content to your event by integrating Vimeo, YouTube or Zoom.


Highlight specific organisations with rich content pages and turn the spotlight on their participants.


Integrate with Eventbrite or enable ticketing inside Conversation Starter for a seamless experience.

Dries Hendrickx

Happy to show you around

Get in touch with me for a personal tour of Conversation Starter and direct answers to your questions.

Organisers love Conversation Starter


Promote sponsors

Put your sponsors and their content in the spotlight to monetise your event.


Measure impact

See exactly how many people participate and how many meetings they plan.


Gain insights

Understand what participants are talking about and learn about their needs.

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